Cuboid slippers


Cuboid slippers have straight lines, strong appearance and sharp edges. It is non continuous and static volume. Besides having a true geometrical shape, color of its cuboid contrast with each other, it blends well. Wear our Cuboid Slippers, Together you will both enhance each other and compliment the nature of one another.

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Who made it?

Leather craftsmen

Hakim making a leather bag
Mr. Ziono is Wildindo tailor

Ziono – Tailor

Ziono is also known as Yono, comes from East Jawa, near volcano Ijen, where you can see blue fire at night. Yono has been working with leather for more than 13 years. He has worked in factories and from home before he joined us in the workshops in Canggu, Bali. Mr. Ziono is always energetic […]

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Mr. Hakim tailor in Wildindo

Hakim – Lead Tailor

Wildindo’s lead tailor Mr Hakim makes new designs and organize other tailors to work efficiently on our products and color leather. He is always busy and still makes the final product in perfect condition.

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