Our three year fashion and handmade journey continues

Friska's office

When Friska started in June 2016 in a small bamboo shop in Bali, there was a little vision of what it could be in few years. She knew for sure, the new and unique designs is her main advantage. She is an artist by heart.

As in any business there are challenges to overcome. One of the first challenges for Friska, was to find a reliable tailors as the quality was not enough and timeline was never close to what was promised. Throughout the years she found few tailors and artisans, who now work with her directly in-house and externally. The quality is right where it should be and timeline is accomplished accordingly. Our tailors now can help you make your own clutch in our workshops in Bali.

Workshop for making your own clutch
Workshop: making your own clutch. Photo taken from one of sessions. Mr. Hakim on left and our client on right.

Although quality of products improved over the years, she has never searched for her clients. They all came to her and made custom bags or wholesale order. That was actually nice to realize after running a business for 3 years without realizing other businesses are actually searching for new clients. That’s just a proof that the designs and products are great. And yes we start looking for new clients as well, because we want brands and people to understand that handmade products are worthy. We are mainly talking about Wildindo and few other brands who really care about their people, high quality products and life in developing countries.

People, location, bags, jewelry, designs and strategy have a common thing. Constant changes. It is part of any life and in Wildindo we deal with changes almost every week. One of the recent major change was take apart our Bamboo shop due to increased prices of the land rental. Bali is still growing and sometimes prices get crazy. It was a very nostalgic moment for Friska as it was the beginning of WildIndo. Even though there is not much connection to the bamboo shop anymore, it was still the start of our journey.

Builders taking bamboo shop completely apart.

What Wildindo plans in future?

Friska’s need and what makes her happy is to continue working on new designs. There are bags and sandals, but also upcoming jewelry and home ware. Sustainable living will be one of our main parts. We are also partnering up with luxurious modern and traditional hotels, who appreciate handmade quality products. We want to stand for high quality and well designed products and as an ethical brand. We will be updating you soon on our blog about upcoming news.

Thank you all for supporting us and buying beautiful handmade products from ethical brands.

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