Bali Leather Bags Manufacturer

If you are looking for Bali Leather bags manufacturer or new leather bags supplier, where products are handmade, people treated well and product quality is high, then WildIndo is the right place for you. We can communicate fluently in English and Indonesian and more important we can understand your design, sketches, colors, product quality and time-pressure needs for your collection and designs. We are always working with small and medium size brands from US, Australia and European brands, who care how the products are made.

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What we make and do as a supplier and manufacturer

Our leather workshop in Canggu, Bali can provide production for leather bags, rattan and leather bags, purses, backpacks and variety of other types of bags, shoes and accessories. We specialize mainly in leather products and combining leather and rattan cane webbing in bags and clutches. Our tailors have 10+ years of experience working with various products from leather like leather jackets, leather bags, accessories, crafts and shoes.

We also understand rattan and grass materials and we can make your own home decoration and home wares, bags and accessories from natural materials. Some of those products we do in-house and some of them outside as we do not have enough space yet. Rattan makers we work with are second or third generation of the skill

Our production is ethical, so is your product.

We pay well and care about our people, artisans, wavers and artists. Because of that we stand for ethically handmade. We are Indonesian brand and Indonesian people. Our profits go back to our developing country and people where it is needed for better tomorrows for whole world.